Trevor’s lugged Columbus XCr frame

The latest project out of my fixture is a lugged stainless frame for Trevor. This was my first time working with this particular brand of stainless steel and have to say that I was pleased. One of the complaints I’ve heard from other builders was in regards to the tubes’ dimensional accuracy. I had none of these problems and with good tolerances built a very strong frame. Trevor went with an ENVE 2.0 fork painted to match.


I’m still making freewheels from time to time. This one went over to the UK. If you have a project that needs a freewheel with a tooth count greater than 22. Give me a holler.

Also, a bunch of us Providence folk went over to Deerfield, MA for the D2R2 last month. It’s becoming a new tradition of packing a couple of vehicles with people and bikes, sleeping in a bumpy field, and then waking up to a very difficult but beautiful ride. Plenty of Circle As were there in attendance. This year seemed a bit harder but maybe I was just a bit out of shape. Anyway click on the big pic of Jim to see some video of us agonizing up one of the climbs. Fun stuff? Yes!


3 thoughts on “Trevor’s lugged Columbus XCr frame”

  1. Looks awesome. I might want something similar to this for myself. Weight on the frame? On the frameset?

    How would you compare XCr vs. KVA stainless?

  2. Thanks for the kind words! The XCr has a very nice finish on it right out of the box. The KVA’s weld seam is a little too prominent for my tastes. As for weight, I’m not sure how much this frame weighed. Maybe 3.75lbs?

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