Derek’s big and tall road frameset

Derek came to us looking to upgrade his road bike that was too small for him with something more appropriately sized. He could easily have ridden a frame as large as 68cm but we tried to keep it smaller in appearance by dropping the top tube, angling the top tube by a degree, using a bit more of the steerer, using larger diameter tubes, longer cranks, longer fork for medium reach brakes, and proportional 48cm oversize handlebars. The final bike is 65cm. The bike is fillet brazed and built from True Temper tubing. The seat collar was custom brazed and shaped. The fork is a fillet brazed unicrown for a consistent smooth look with the rest of the frame. The black has a pearl coat that is understated in the shade but definitely comes to life in the sun.


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This adorable Schwinn Co-Ed came to the shop for a refinish in the same black scheme. The fenders had lining on both sides which gave me the opportunity to use the Beugler striper which is one of my favorite paint tools. Check out the before and after pictures for the transformation.


This Galmozzi came to the shop in its raw form. Ricardo stripped the frameset, specified the colors, and provided the decals which made my day. The final outcome is this blue and white beauty.


Recumbents are a foreign animal to our shop but when David called to get his Counterpoint Presto repainted, we were happy to oblige. We were excited to ride it more than anything! And when it was completed, David brought it back for our maiden voyage. Everyone at the shop took it or a ride down Charles Street during rush hour. I have to say that riding a short wheelbase recumbent was a bit terrifying but I could easily get used to it after a couple of miles.


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  1. Hi Brian,
    Do you have the color code for the beautiful bright blue Galmozzi? I’m restoring a really fine 70’s bike from Milano, and that could be the color to choose,
    Kind regards,

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