A couple of repaints and a couple of remakes

Every once in a while a customer wants to make a modification to a Circle A but because they are so happy with the way it rides, they don’t want us to completely rebuild the bike. Here are two cases in point. This gold frameset was originally a yellow single speed. Chris wanted to make it compatible with a 3-speed hub and wanted a couple braze-ons added. Also, the stainless fork crown was originally satin and this time around I gave it a high polish shine. The details are a metallic brown to match the Chris King headset to be installed.

IMG_6964 IMG_6956
IMG_6955 IMG_6947

This bright blue frameset was was originally a white and gray single speed. This time around, I removed the cantilever brake posts, drilled the fork, and added a rear brake bridge for medium reach brakes. The horizontal dropouts were removed and replaced with Ritchey vertical ones and the rear end was re-spaced to 130mm. Other changes include STI cable guides on the downtube, rear derailleur cable guides, and the front derailleur boss. The geometry was essentially a single speed road bike to begin with so this full road iteration will not handle differently but will now be able to climb some big hills!

IMG_7038 IMG_7035
IMG_7032 IMG_7030

Craig brought this 1950s(?) mystery frame to us with the bottom portion of one on the fork blades missing. Our job was to replace the blades with an original set of Reynolds 531 imperial oval pencil blades and recreate the original front dropouts (as only one was still attached). A repaint was obviously needed as well. I reinstalled the pump mounts on the downtube, one of which was hacksawed off at some point. I also reinforced with brass and a small piece of steel tubing the seat binder whose stamped shape had been crushed over the years.

IMG_7017 IMG_7016
IMG_7012 IMG_7011

Jamie’s 90s fillet brazed Charles Roberts came in a bit rusty and with a slightly chipped up red paint job. Looking to make a bike that he loved ride like new, he had me paint the frame black with some silver detailing in the pantographing on the bottom bracket. And voila, it’s a new bike!

IMG_8153 IMG_8155
IMG_8156 IMG_8151

Steve has had this Fuji Dynamic 10 all his life. It’s his favorite bike and with the tubing that it’s built with, it’ll definitely last him a lifetime. It was starting to rust in the areas where the paint had chipped and the chrome was almost completely gone on the fork. I blasted off the loose chrome and painted the bike this Porsche Viper green by his request. I also added the downtube water bottle and shifter bosses.

IMG_8900 IMG_8901
IMG_8902 IMG_8898

My wife and I recently took a trip to Ireland for our first big vacation together. It is a beautiful country but with incredibly narrow roads which would’ve made for some adventurous cycling. While driving on our trip, we came across this “Circle A” rental bicycle parked near the Cliffs or Moher. It’s a little different from the ones we make.


SJ’s rando frameset

It’s been a while folks so I’ll be posting a flurry a bikes I’ve built over the past couple of months starting…NOW. This light touring/commuter bike was built for SJ. Some of the details include a custom front rack that “hugs” the front brake caliper, semi-horizontal rear dropouts for the option of running it as a single speed, chain slap protector brazed onto the chain stay, and the 20mm extension on the upper head tube lug to get the bars higher in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. The paint is one of my favorite paint jobs I’ve done all year. The colors work so well together on the bike but melted my mind when I tried to visualize it. Check it out.


It’s always an honor to paint bikes for Velouria of Lovely Bicycle blog fame. This mixte was made by Bryan Hollingworth of Royal H Cycles. The color is difficult to see but it’s a sage-like green.

See the full slideshow.

And I’m still making weird freewheel sizes if anyone needs one for their pedicab/hill climbing/retro-direct bicycle. This a 24 tooth that I made recently.