Riser bar road bike

Jeff was looking for a comfortable road bike with fenders and a riser bar. He is a new father and will be putting a child seat on it in the near future so there are also rack mounts for that flexibility. He also has the option of switching out to a road drop bar with the use of the bar end shifters currently on Paul Thumbies. The paint on this one was creative on Jeff’s part with the request for the slanted bands. It was a bit of work but we’re both happy with the way it came out.

IMG_0011 IMG_0156
IMG_0160 IMG_0161
IMG_0165 IMG_0167
IMG_0168 IMG_0169

The story behind Ricardo’s Alpine is a unique one. Apparently a shop in D.C. called Georgetown Cycle Sport contracted the build of these frames from many makers in the UK and just rebranded them as Alpine (or C.I.D. – Cycle Import and Design). Later ones were domestically built by Albert Eisentraut and then by Fred Kelly. This is perceived to be a Fred Kelley built frame. Decals were unavailable at the time so Ricardo recreated them on the computer and I ended up painting them on.

IMG_0217 IMG_0188
IMG_0211 IMG_0218

Some other repaints leaving the shop in recent weeks have included this Paramount Design Group road frameset in Tour de France metallic blue…

IMG_0227 IMG_0222
IMG_0221 IMG_0219

…and this Falcon whose paint job I’m very familiar with.

IMG_0077 IMG_0080
IMG_0079 IMG_0078

One thought on “Riser bar road bike”

  1. This paint job turned out really really well. It has completely changed the bike for the
    better- (was a drab Black and Red- thick and heavy paint.) another unbelievable job from the Circle A guys. Well done! All paint- not one decal!

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