AJ’s positive mental attitude

This road frame will be seen whipping up and down the hills around Greensboro, North Carolina. The lugs are carved to have some pretty sharp points and the fastback seat stay tops are carved to match. The seat stays also have an enhanced s-bend which gives the bike a slightly more modern look. Paint on the insides of the stays and fork also make it look more contemporary. On the top tube are two bits of text: “I Against I” on one side and “PMA” on the other. Both Bad Brains references that made me extremely happy. I remember as a kid taping 120 minutes on MTV and watching the video for I Against I over and over. And PMA is from the song Attitude which is also an anthem from my youth. Thanks AJ, and keep up the positive attitude!

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The Jack Taylor trailer has always been an intriguing item to me. They are incredibly rare so it was an honor to work on this. It is a direct copy of the French Goeland trailer complete with suspension. Imitation is the highest form of flattery but I can only imagine how difficult it was to make this thing. A lot of brazing and creative thinking went into this and it shows.

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