My last Circle A build—A Cinelli-esque Model B

Marc came to Circle A with his 64cm orange Cinelli Super Course to have me build him a new bike with the same angles but bigger. This is the largest standard sized tubed frame that I’ve built. At 68cm, it really should’ve been double oversized but this was a special project so heavier gauge tubes would have to suffice. It’s not a Cinelli but it’s made to look like a Cinelli. A combination between a Super Course and a Model B (there are fender mounts). Aside from trying to replicate the original Cinelli fork bend, the most challenging aspect of the build was creating the seat cluster (which on the original was a complete casting). You can see from the pictures the amount of fabrication that went into it. The decals were created by Marc and laser printed on waterslide transfer paper. I painted the white details prior to applying the decals. The final product is definitely Cinelli-esque but it is most certainly a Circle A.

Thanks to Marc for challenging me to make this bike. And thanks to Richard Sachs for the lugs, Peter Weigle for the tubing decal, and Billy Rounds for the olympic bands and binder bolt. Go team!

IMG_9239 IMG_0590
IMG_1523 IMG_1461
IMG_1465 IMG_1453
IMG_1527 IMG_1528
IMG_1499 IMG_1534
IMG_1498 IMG_1522
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