Movin’ on up

We’re finally done moving out of the old space in Carpenter Mills. The new space is looking very promising aside from the fact that you can barely walk around in there.

Emily, Chris, and me The new space in all its glory.

One of the last two bikes to be built in the shop of yesterweek was for Andrea. Here are a couple shots of the post paint action. Kitty approved.

Henry James dropout Noro Lim

Head tube Black tips.

The fork Stays

The seat tube Dropout close-up #2

Build, paint, and mosey

Here’s an update on Andrea’s cross/touring frame. All is well here even though I’m working mainly with one hand after a mighty (dumb) crash on the flatland bike. I need to get it painted before the big move which is happening as we speak. This weekend large machines will mosey across town to our new space at 523 Charles Street. Check it out. Come on by or give a call if you want to mosey with us.

Okay, back to the bike. I need to do a little bit of cleanup work and then it’s priming time. Here are some pictures of the progress until the final product is revealed in our next installment.

head badgeSeat cluster
Rear dropout with eyelets brazed on.The whole frame.

Andrea’s cross/touring frame and fork

Current bike coming out of the jig is for Andrea from Canada. Chris is doing the welding while I do everything else. The bridges, fork, and all the braze-ons should be happening by Saturday. More pictures to follow.

img_8396.jpg img_8409.jpg
img_8410.jpg img_8412.jpg

Flat is back.

It’s looking like I’ll be building a bunch of flatland frames in the coming months. After Jared and Jon got theirs, a little bit of interest has been generated. So expect pictures of tiny frames in the coming weeks. But for now, there’s the buzz on Global-Flat.

Mike’s single speed

The frame I’ve been working on for the past month for my friend Mike is finally built up and rolling. It’s built with Zona tubes, our new tiny track drops, and a sleek Everest sloping fork crown. Check out the full slideshow here or just check out these choice pics. The black is so hot, the clear is still liquid! Not really.

BB close up Tiny dropouts
Seat cluster Fork crown
Seat tube Front view

It’s like a big bike, only smaller.

So the second and third fillet brazed Circle A flatland frames are complete as of this morning. Hope Jon and Jared are happy with the final product. I tried to document the process from start to finish for Jon. I kind of like the visual updates so I’ll probably be doing that for my future builds. Here are some pics for those who don’t have the patience for the slideshows.

img_8211.jpg img_8207.jpg img_8203.jpg