Movin’ on up

We’re finally done moving out of the old space in Carpenter Mills. The new space is looking very promising aside from the fact that you can barely walk around in there.

Emily, Chris, and me The new space in all its glory.

One of the last two bikes to be built in the shop of yesterweek was for Andrea. Here are a couple shots of the post paint action. Kitty approved.

Henry James dropout Noro Lim

Head tube Black tips.

The fork Stays

The seat tube Dropout close-up #2

We have the best friends in the world

Saying thank you is not enough for all the help our friends provided during the big move on Sunday. We owe them big time. Here are some pictures from the event. The new space is still under construction so it will be a little bit before we start building again. I’ll post updates and such as they happen though.

Close-up shop tour

My brother and my niece came by the shop to meet up with Jon and I as we were building up his new Circle A flatland bike. While we were building the bike, my brother was creeping around the shop taking pictures. We don’t have a shop tour on the site yet, so here are the great shots of what my brother saw.