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Bikes are better than chocolate

Monday, February 12th, 2007

11 February 2007

IN THIS POST: surprise presents. a new imagineer. our building condo-bound?

I know what your thinking. I should have gotten my sweetheart a circle A for valentines day. You’re right. I’ve got 3 words for you: Not. Enough. Heart. Well. There’s always next year.
In fact one of the bikes we have coming up is a present for a lucky someone. This doesn’t happen a lot but it’s fun when it does. Clearly it’s not the easiest “surprise” gift because unless you know your partner REALLY well you’ll want to have them consult with us in regards to fit and paint and such. So for the “surprise” part we can put together a gift pack of t-shirts or pint glasses or such.

But if you’re determined to make a surprise gift of a circle A, here are some tips.
1) Pretend the government is really interested in your partners’ measurements. Like “honey, the fbi needs to know your inseam, and they say if you don’t tell them, you’ll be letting the terrorists win.”
2) ask for other random body measurements that don’t have anything to do with bikes. You know what I’m talking about.
3) Speaking of which, pretend you need the measurements for lingerie. Which a bike can sort of be. Come on, use your imagination.
4) Ask them what color they’d repaint their current bike if they could. Ask them what color logos they’d want if the logos happened to say “circle a cycles.” Tell them you’re actually getting a bike for your secret lover, but if it was for them instead, what sort of dropouts would they want?

What else is new at the shop? Lots. In fact I’m glad you asked. The most exciting thing is that after apprenticing for a few years, Emily is rocking it Circle A style full time as one of our Associate Bikeaneers. Right. It’s like a bucaneer and a spelunker. It’s like a deer crossed with a bike. It’s an imagineer that’s had a leg cut off and replaced with a bike. Bike bike bike.
Meanwhile, the future of our space is a bit in question. The mill building we’re in (which by the way is full of businesses with employees and stuff) has apparently been bought and we may be booted in favor of Luxury Condos.

It’s a bit of a trend in providence and other cities too. Why should hundreds of people have jobs and businesses close to where they live when (apparently) wealthy folks from Boston will pay big money for Authentic dereliction, decay and poverty? Poverty sure to be exacerbated by the loss of jobs? It’s like a theme park. A living history village. Remember when the US had industry? Jobs with benefits? Unions?

Carpenter Mills, where we’ve been since 2001, was a textile factory at the turn of the last century. The basement still houses the steam engine that provided electricity and power (via leather belts) to the looms and sewing machines. Soon perhaps it can be a bedroom “community” for boston, and we can relax in our imported clothes in a condo that once made them. Progress.

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background: jared spinning on his circle a flatland frame. (reveal)

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