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Monster Bikes Week 5 – one week left!

Friday, April 27th, 2007

So this week, the crew came back from their vacation and we got the front seat and pedals together.

First the seat: here’s Adam demonstrating its use to Nathan:

The pedals were tough; trying to get them located so that they were the right orientation to the seat, and also have a straight chain line down to the axle. We had planned to run the chains to the same cranks that actually power the rear wheels, but we’re going to have to weld additional chainrings to the axle. that’s ok tho. It really should work… right?

Here’s Sean about to weld one of the cranks in place:

And here’s the crew with the cranks in place:


Next week: attach the steering seat! finish the drivetrain! ride off into the sunset!

Monster Bikes Week 4 – IT ROLLS!

Friday, April 13th, 2007


No pedals or steering yet, but it can travel thru space! Vivi and Sean are sitting more or less where the seats will be, and Sam is pushing. The pilot will sit high up above the rear wheel.


Here’s Vivi mig welding a support on the frame.


oops. The rear wheel taco-ed when we turned it too far. Bike wheels aren’t designed for side loads.

The crew has vacation next week; when they come back we’ll get the seats & pedals in place, work out the steering, and try to find a stronger wheel…

Monster Bikes Week 3

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

So finally we start building it!
That’s Vega, Nathan and Eric around a mockup of the design. We’re trying to figure out how wide to make it: the two bikes on the right will be flipped around with the cranks linked for two wheel drive; the bikes on the left will be welded together at their head tubes.
Here’s Sean behind the newly welded head tube.
This is Sam cutting off a piece for our custom axle.
And here’s the final rear end (remember, it’s rear-wheel steered). Next week we’ll attach the two front bikes together and then figure out how to make one big trike out of it.

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