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Saturday, April 26th, 2008

So I finished painting Steve’s single speed cross bike. Here are some pix. Also here’s a link to his blog which is quite excellent and hopefully will soon have tall tales about his hot new bike. Which looks like this:

dscn3439.jpg dscn3443.jpg dscn3445.jpg

dscn3440.jpg dscn3441.jpg dscn3448.jpg dscn3442.jpg

Note the custom stop for the rear canti that lets you adjust the brake, & is slotted so you can pop the cables out for cleaning.

I also put a disc brake tab on an old Bridgestone MB-4. We made a brace to transfer the braking forces down into the chainstay; without that, I’ve seen many seat stays buckle:

dscn3432.jpg dscn3433.jpg dscn3434.jpg

And here it is primed and ready to rock:


Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

So Kipp came by yesterday and built up his S&S coupled road bike; check it out:

dscn3394.jpg dscn3396.jpg dscn3397.jpg

Above you can see the Ritchey quick cable disconnects. These allow you completely separate the two halves of the bike without getting all tangled or messing up your brake & derailleur adjustments.

dscn3392.jpg dscn3395.jpg dscn3399.jpg

The bike comes in at just under 19lbs complete; the couplers add about 10oz, which is handsomely offset by the superlight Ritchey WCS carbon fork. Kipp has promised a slideshow of breaking down the bike into a case, so watch this space!

My next bike is for Stevil Kinevil of Swobo. They make some of the hottest & coolest cycling clothing out there. For Steve I’m doing a single speed cross bike, matched to the nutty Hunter Supercrown fork he sent me.

This is going to be a very clean, fully welded bike. Steve’s focus was simplicity and durability; I’m using a mix of Deda Zero and Zerouno main tubes, with Columbus Zona S-bend chainstays and Spirit S-bend seatstays.

And here are some detail shots of the assembly:

dscn3379.jpg dscn3376.jpg dscn3385.jpg

Should be painting it by the end of the week!


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Circle A number 151, that is! Kipp’s demountable! Yes, that means it’s take-a-part-able. That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely, tho, does it now?

Let’s take a look:


dscn3365.jpg dscn3367.jpg dscn3369.jpg

dscn3366.jpg dscn3370.jpg dscn3368.jpg

I know what you’re thinking. Why the add-on seat color? Why not a fancy point like on Carrie’s? Well, I’ll tell you. This bike will often be demounted, and packed into a box with the seat post out of the frame. A fancy point would be very vulnerable without the post in place, and could cut its way out of the box to wreak havoc on the populace! IT’S EATING ITS WAY THROUGH THE HULL!

This week I also put together an adult trike for my friend Al. He’s having a hip replaced and isn’t doing so well on two wheels.


Here’s to a quick recovery! Coming up – Stevil Knievel‘s single speed cross bike!

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