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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Diverse projects have abounded the last couple weeks. I spent three days last week at Bikes Not Bombs in Boston, at a workshop sponsored by World Bike. We were experimenting with quick and dirty trailer designs, primarily for use in countries with few transportation resources. After a day of introductions and discussions of designs, I was privileged to team up with BNB founder Carl Kurz, and this is our creation:

dscn3472.jpg dscn3473.jpg

dscn3474.jpg dscn3475.jpg dscn3476.jpg

The emphasis was on simplicity; no milling machines, no fancy tubing benders – we used a pulley off a car engine to bend the round stock to make the racks. Lots of folks took pictures during the workshop, which I’ll link to as soon as they’re up.

I also built a road bike for our friend John Sorensen; here are some pix of that:

dscn3468.jpg dscn3469.jpg dscn3470.jpg

And here it is with paint; it’s a crazy multi-layer custom action with a dark silver base and layers of translucent red over it. Hopefully today I can get some shots in the sun.

dscn3478.jpg dscn3479.jpg dscn3481.jpg

And yes, I said ice cream; Garrett and I worked on making his ice cream maker pedal-powered. We’ll debut it this weekend:


And somewhere in there I painted some more bikes for Bowen Cycle Works:

dscn3463.jpg dscn3461.jpg dscn3467.jpg

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background: jeff gets ready to ride off on his touring circle a. (reveal)

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