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Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Ok so this is a big bike. 60cm top tube, 108cm wheelbase. But Paul’s a big guy so that all makes sense. The main frame is tig welded, with brass used for the Paragon disc brake dropouts & the tops of the seat stays. The tubing is a mix of Dedacciai Zerouno and Zerotre. Here’s some pictures of it getting jigged up & welded:

dscn3536.jpg dscn3537.jpg dscn3538.jpg

dscn3539.jpg dscn3540.jpg dscn3541.jpg

dscn3542.jpg dscn3543.jpg dscn3546.jpg

dscn3548.jpg dscn3550.jpg dscn3549.jpg

Team Circle A also did the MS150 ride last weekend; thanks to you, we raised about $2700 for the team and the entire ride made nearly $500,000! So thanks from Shawn, Shauna, Brian, Hilary, Tom, Garrett, Amy, and me! Here’s the only picture Garrett has sent me, Brian and I representing:

Next: more paint jobs, Paul’s complete bike, and stuff like that!


Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

So first off, this weekend is the MS150 ride; it’s not too late to contribute if you can, the team page is here.

So Than picked up his straightened and spruced Bottecchia; in addition to some fresh paint, we replaced the bent cranks and smashed pedals, and gave it a tuneup. Here are some pictures of that, and of Than as he prepared to ride away:

dscn3533.jpg dscn3534.jpg dscn3532.jpg


I also painted a couple of frames for our friend John at Echelon Cycle Works in Vermont, formerly of Pawtucket. Here’s one now:

And I started cutting tubes for Paul’s mountain bike. More on that, and stories of the MS ride, soon.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

So a big thank you to all our friends & customers (most end up as both) who came out sunday and helped us raise money for the MS 150 ride! We raised several hundred dollars for our team. It’s not too late to contribute if you can; the team page is here.

Here are some pictures from the festivities, and Brian has a whole slideshow here.

dscn3519.jpg dscn3513.jpg dscn3512.jpg

Lots of paint jobs are in the works, which you’ll hear about later, but the most interesting thing I did this week was breathe some new life into a battered Bottecchia. Than was hit, hard, while riding; he’s recovered well, not so much the bike:

dscn3499.jpg dscn3502.jpg dscn3505.jpg

It looked bad enough coming in, with a taco’ed from wheel and a left side crank that was bent all the way over the chainstay, but it wasn’t until we got it on the alignment table that we could see how bad things were:


As you can see the seat tube is bent wildly up – about 2 inches out of plane with the BB; and in turn the head tube, tt and dt were pulled left as well. After some wrestling we got it looking a bit healthier:


Now we’ve added some rack mounts, and Than is getting a full repaint. We hope to have him back on the road next week.

Coming up: Paul’s mountain bike and Casey’s touring rig.

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