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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

And clearly I mean sick in the best possible way. This is Paul’s mountain bike. Components are on their way. Marvel, if you will, at its majesty.

dscn3576.jpg dscn3577.jpg dscn3580.jpg

dscn3579.jpg dscn3584.jpg dscn3586.jpg

dscn3581.jpg dscn3582.jpg dscn3585.jpg

I’ll post pictures of the built-up bike next week. Meanwhile perhaps you’ve suspected that the inside of an air compressor looks a lot like a vertical twin motorcycle engine. You’re not wrong. I put new rings on ours this weekend. Here’s what it looks like with the head off:



Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I know what you’re thinking. It’s 90 degrees out – what better time to play with fire, or put on a full-face respirator? No air conditioned offices for us! Summer pretty much means all sweat, all the time, with time-outs to stick our heads in buckets of iced coffee. But despite it all, and the sputtering air tools that the humidity brings, we’re getting some bikes out. I’m ironing out paint details with Paul for his mountain bike, and in the meantime did this repaint of our friend Scott’s Russ Denny track bike. In blasting the fork I found some nasty rust holes, so Scott had me build a new fork to match:

dscn3554.jpg dscn3566.jpg dscn3565.jpg

Sort of looks like it’s made of porcelain, huh?


The paint is white and a custom blue to match his rims, all with a pearl overcoat that really sparkles in the sun. Scott designed the logos himself, and sent us ready-to-cut artwork, which is almost as good as cupcakes.

dscn3558.jpg dscn3563.jpg dscn3557.jpg

I also started a touring bike for Casey from Austin, TX. She’s going to use 26″ wheels, and I used the Mini 6 lugs that allow for a 6 degree sloping top tube. The seat stays are capped for plenty of tire and fender clearance:

dscn3569.jpg dscn3570.jpg dscn3571.jpg

dscn3572.jpg dscn3573.jpg dscn3574.jpg

Next: paint for Paul and Casey, some tandem repaint action, bees, and grease!

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