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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 So last week I started on local yokel Nick’s lugged fixie with monostay. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 He’s using the very cool and ornate Richard Sachs lugs. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Here’s some as the front end is getting brazed up:

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00

dscn3906.jpg dscn3907.jpg dscn3910.jpg

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 And here are some shots of me getting the monostay jigged up. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 It’s a cast piece that we braze to three sections of seat stay. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 On the right you can see where I’ve brazed a piece of seat tube onto the top of the monostay so it can’t punch through the seat tube (I’ve seen it happen!):

dscn3913.jpg dscn3915.jpg dscn3923.jpg
dscn3922.jpg dscn3924.jpg dscn3925.jpg

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Soon it’ll be time for paint. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Speaking of which, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 I had the pleasure of painting one of Mike Flanigan’s fantastic ANT’s. Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Here it is, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 reminding us that nothing looks as hot as gloss black, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 until you get finger prints all over it…

dscn3894.jpg dscn3895.jpg dscn3898.jpg
dscn3896.jpg dscn3897.jpg

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 We also did some work on Mike’s Kona – removed a horribly stuck seat post, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 updated the braze-ons, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 and repainted a lovely pearl, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 with the original decals from the UK:

dscn3916.jpg dscn3917.jpg dscn3918.jpg
dscn3921.jpg dscn3903.jpg dscn3904.jpg

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 And finally, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Adrienne’s bike went out the door, proscar 5mg pills $89.00 kitted out with Sram Rival components and Shimano medium reach brakes:

dscn3886.jpg dscn3887.jpg dscn3891.jpg
dscn3892.jpg dscn3889.jpg dscn3888.jpg

Proscar 5mg pills $89.00 Next – finishing Nick’s!



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