December 9th, 2008

I painted Nick’s monostay’d, Richard Sachs lugged, Paul dropout-ed, superhot fixie yesterday. This is another one of those bikes where I wasn’t sure how I’d feel with the colors but the customer was totally right and the shit is HOT. I mean khaki and white – it’s like the worlds most delicious cappucino.



Here’s the process for masking the head lugs. First I apply Spray Mask with a brush; after that dries you can trace the line of the lug with an x-acto, peel the mask off the tubes (it’s sort of like rubber cement), and then mask the rest of the bodies of the lugs with tape. Then we paint.

And here are some more pictures of Nick’s in process.

I also made a replacement fork for Jack’s Whitcomb, which we repainted a couple years ago. He tracked down a great new old stock twin-plate crown, and I used the original dropouts off the old fork.

And last but far from least, Stevil Kinevil of Swobo has been tearing it up on his Circle A cross bike. He seems like a nice guy, right, who looks something like this:

But that’s when he’s in costume. Here’s the real guy:

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