January 1st, 2009

Yesterday we had a nice snow storm in Providence, about 8 inches starting promptly at 9:30 the morning of New Year’s eve. It’s the second real storm we’ve had, and it’s putting our snow bikes to the test. We’re used to riding thru the traffic gridlock when it snows, but what’s really satisfying is passing cars, plows and sanding trucks that are under way. It’s true folks, bikes are just better! Yesterday the conditions for snow riding were perfect, light fluffy snow that ‘cross tires can cut right thru, and not much ice. Here’s some shots of the snow outside the shop. I’ve got snow in my air horn.

dscn4003 dscn4001 dscn4000

The holidays means schwag, so I whipped up some bottle openers for friends and family:


Our great friend and customer Brian brought in an old Fat City frame for rehabilitation. We’re waiting on decals for it; here it is on the alignment table:


I also built up Nick’s track bike. It’s super hot! Here are some shots of the finished product. I built up a custom wheel set using Surly hubs and white Velocity rims, and I painted his stem white to match; Nick found the white bars and seatpost. Can you say bling?

dscn3974 dscn3967 dscn3968

dscn3980 dscn3966 dscn3981

dscn3972 dscn3971 dscn3975

dscn3964 dscn3965 dscn3973

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2 Responses to “HAPPY FRICKIN’ NEW YEAR”

  1. tg says:

    January 2nd, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    sweet looking ride…except for that green tire! need some whitewalls like Vredestein Fortezza TriComps or something.

  2. nick says:

    January 4th, 2009 at 9:22 am

    looks much tighter with the the white tires. i have to send you some pics. rides like the wind, thanks again chris.

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