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Sunday, April 19th, 2009

We’re still waiting on the belt drive parts for Eric’s Taxi bike, stay tuned!

I finished AJ’s touring frame and just got the Nitto racks he’ll be using; I’m working out a fork low-rider attachment, and he’s working on paint selection! Here are some pix of the frame in progress; note the crown carving & custom hanger for the rear canti brake adjuster.

dscn4215 dscn4228 dscn4230

dscn4232 dscn4233 dscn4234

I also did some more paint work for Marty at Geekhouse; first another belt drive bike, this time using an S&S coupler to get the belt thru the frame, and then a road bike with a carbon fork:

dscn4226 dscn4227 dscn4252 dscn4251

Our friend Bob brought in a single speed Sillgey frame on which he wanted a derailleur hanger installed, here are some shots of that:

dscn4244 dscn4246 dscn4247 dscn4255

And last but not least, the good folks at Harris Cyclery brought us a well-worn Rivendell Quickbeam. It had been in an accident and needed a replacement fork, and they asked us to switch over the low-rider rack mounts from the (bent) orange fork to the new green one, and repaint the new fork and original frame. I had to fashion a makeshift jig to get the mounts parallel to each other, and in the right spot, here are some pictures of that:

dscn4258 dscn4259 dscn4261 dscn4262

And here’s the finished product, with new decals courtesy of Harris:

dscn4287 dscn4289 dscn4290

dscn4291 dscn4292 dscn4293

Next: hopefully, finally, belt drive in action; finishing AJ’s; and Viva la Reba!

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