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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

So Jen’s 26″ world-tourer just went out; she’s building it up in Milwaukee and striking out to the west. It was an interesting and novel paint job, so that means – you guessed it – it’s time for another ANATOMY OF A PAINT JOB!

This is the original mockup she sent me:


And here’s how I got started; first I sprayed the entire bike white, and then I started masking off where I would be shooting red, using a combination of Fine-Line tape for the points and circles cut by the vinyl cutter for curves:

dscn44963 dscn4497 dscn4498

Once the shapes were outlined, I have to cover everything that was going to stay white:

dscn4500 dscn4501 dscn4502

Then I shot red, did some more masking for the black headtube and stay ends, shot black, and pull off the bandages:

dscn4503 dscn4504 dscn4505 dscn4506

But I wasn’t done yet. Oh no. Jen had designed an elaborate dot pattern that she wanted on the seat tube, to be in gray, along with the logos. So we put Snips McGinty to work:


And here’s the final product, clearcoated, frame-saved, and ready for components:

dscn4548 dscn4549 dscn4550 dscn4553

dscn4554 dscn4556 dscn4557 dscn4559

I also just finished painting a disc-brake single speed frame for Jascha. He’ll be using a Civia disc brake fork; this has a 1 1/8″ steerer so we had to use lugs that would allow for the super-oversized headtube.

We also used the Paragon sliding disc dropouts; these allow you to tension the chain without changing the orientation of the caliper to the wheel, and presented some engineering challenges:

dscn4480 dscn4479 dscn4474 dscn4460

He chose a lovely deep burgundy red, with gunmetal gray and silver accents:

dscn4569 dscn4570 dscn4571 dscn4572

dscn4573 dscn4574 dscn4576 dscn4578

dscn4579 dscn4584 dscn4585 dscn4586

Next: Parts for Jascha, and Mo’s road bike!

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