December 3rd, 2009

It’s been – how to put it? – an interesting couple of months for me. Most of the stress, drama, intrigue, hassle and tears have had to do with my restoring an old house, not an old bike; but that’s a story for another day, and in among the horsehair plaster and knob and tube wiring I saw some lovely beaten down bikes as well.

But first – Ron B and his singing 8 speed! This has been a long time coming, and it’s great to see it on the road. Just one shifter and one derailleur, 8 speeds, no waiting! Richard Sachs lugs, canti brakes – but the paint. Let’s talk about the paint. Ron went crazy old school with his designs, hand cutting the stencils, which he then applied after I did the black, and then I shot the bronze. Totally unique, very labor intensive, very cool I think you’ll agree:


dscn4830 dscn4827 dscn4828

dscn4829 dscn4824 dscn4834 dscn4836

dscn4835 dscn4837 dscn4838 dscn4840

I also did several frame repairs that are good examples of how we can do a touch-up on the paint job, instead of doing a full repaint. Keep your bike on the road without breaking the bank.

Below are shots of re-brazing a broken seat tube/BB joint, a dropout replacement, and re-brazing a cracked seat stay joint. The BB is interesting as you can see how silver flowed along the shore line of the lug but didn’t penetrate the joint. It looked good but was very weak – but despite that still gave years of service before cracking.

In the dropout and BB case, I painted black over the affected area, with vinyl bands to protect the edge of the new paint and create a panel. On the Gemini with the seat stay issue, I did a hard line above the seat tube decal, and faded the black on the top tube and seat stays to match the other fades on the bike.

dscn4760 dscn4768 dscn4762 dscn4763

dscn4767 dscn4811 dscn4813 dscn4820

I also painted a ton of bikes, both brand new and well worn: two from John Hollands of Baltimore, a Mustowy, an old St. Etienne, and 3, count ’em, Icarus… Icaruses… Icari… from our friend Ian:

dscn4784 dscn4793 dscn4770 dscn4777

Pay particular attention to these two Icarususes… these two from Icarus. The first is a purple with standard pearl over it; the second a pale celeste green with red pearl. The flake on the pearl really highlights lug shores and fillet joints. And the last shot is one Brian took of me applying the lug lining with a Paasche Flow Pencil. One of the more stressful things we get to do…
dscn4841 dscn4842 dscn4843 img_8804

Next: Benno’s Randy! What? Chris K gets a-polishing! And probably some other stuff!

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