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Sunday, April 10th, 2011

So Conor’s coupled rando shipped off a few weeks ago in an alarmingly small box. Here are some pictures of the finished frame, and it being packed. He’s providing the rest of the components, but it should all fit in there! My main concerns as the builder were making sure that the cranks & fork could stay on; toward that end we shortened the seat tube to 58cm from an ideal 60, and used a 1 degree slope in the top tube to get the front end up. I also took care to mount the couplers as close to the seat tube as possible to maximize room for the crank.





I also worked on a dropout replacement on a De Rosa, but most exciting was a repaint of a Jean-Pierre Danguillaume from the 70’s. This bike belongs to our friend Matt, whose father bought it new a year before Matt was born! They were made by Mercien, this is from Matt’s account of the bike:

“Jean Pierre Danguillaume was featured (barely) in A Sunday in Hell, the Paris Roubaix movie. It appears he was one of a long line of Danguillaume cyclists, he won a fair amount of races and some tour stages. Somewhere I found that he got busted for amphetamines in the 70’s. My dad said that Cycles Jean-Pierre Danguillaume closed down a couple years after. He mainly used the bike to ride to the Bois du Bologne to play softball on Sundays…”

I love this, maybe because I like saying “Bois du Bologne.” Matt’s going to try to find a picture of him, age 3, sidesaddle on the top tube. Anyway, we blasted off the rust, modernized the cable routing, and Matt came up with these graphics:


Next: Parts are shipping for frames for Laura, Mike, Aaron and Tom! We’ll see whose stuff gets here first!

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background: mike looks at his new circle a single speed, excited to ride. (reveal)

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