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The Integrated Bicycle

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Often, when we finish a frame & fork, that’s it – maybe we install a headset or bottom bracket, but it goes into a box and flies off to distant lands. There it will be assembled into a complete bike by unseen hands, and hopefully the customer will send us pictures…

Sometimes, we assemble the bike ourselves. And rarely, we have a project like this – custom wheel builds, full fenders and racks, generator hub, internally wired lighting. We often say that installing Honjo fenders requires all the tools in our shop – and usually it’s true. Lathe required. But more on that in a sec.

Here is Tom and his completed 650B Randonneur.




As for the lathe? The Nitto front rack needed a custom spacer between it and the front fender; the Velo Orange light mount needed a similar spacer; and the Paul brakes needed special washers to allow the rack to be bolted to the canti posts. Here I am machining one of those washers, followed by some shots of Benno doing the super elegant wiring. Note the wire for the rear light which is hot-glued into the fender:


And here are some pics before assembly so you can see the details of the frame. Because of the 42c Grand Bois Hetre tires, I used s-bend chainstays for clearance, dimpled for the 34/48 chainrings. With his 12-36 9 speed cassette, Tom has some crazy climbing potential. Also note the grommets where the wiring enters and exits the frame; there are two on the fork, one on the underside of the down tube, and one at the rear of the bottom bracket.



We also did a seat tube and seat tube binder replacement on an old Harry Quinn. First a shot of the old clamp, then the repair:


Last but not least, Ron has embarked on an incredible cross-country adventure:

I’ll link to his blog tomorrow. Next: Mike, Laura, another Mike!

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