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Mike’s Road Machine

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Last week Mike picked up his lightweight road bike. It’s constructed from Columbus Spirit for Lugs tubing, with bikini lugs and stainless dropouts, fork crown and such for some bling. He used a mix of old and new components (no shame in that!), for a classic, durable race and recreation bike.



I also did a dropout replacement on our friend Eric’s Slingshot, and modified the cable routing for easier removal of that very complicated 8 speed/roller brake rear wheel. With some added cable stops, he can detach the brake and shifter cables without getting his fingers caught in that infernal Nexus cable stop. We used classic Campy road dropouts so that the wheel slides forward, easier for getting out from under his fender. Eric will be using this bike to ride around Maine plotting the next routes for the East Coast Greenway Alliance, so we want to keep him happy. I just painted the effected area, a good strategy when doing a dropout replacement if you don’t want a full repaint.


Next: Laura’s commuter/tourer/trailer hauler!

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background: it might've been february but micah was ready to start riding his new single speed. (reveal)

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