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We Build Bikes, All Kinds

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

It’s been an exciting few weeks – just out the door are two bikes that, apart from both being 700c road bikes, could not be more different. Take a look:


On your left, Bobby’s welded S3 Club Racer in mind-bending black and white; on your right, Mike’s fully loaded randonneur, lugged, with integrated generator lighting. Folks, if you’re riding on pavement it doesn’t get much different than this. First, Bobby. Yes, it’s one bike! I know! My head hurts too.










Bobby wanted a light but durable racer and training bike; he’s had some bad experiences with carbon forks so wanted to stick with steel. To keep the weight down we used True Temper S3 tubing, one of the lightest steel tube sets available. The 54cm frame comes in just under 3 lbs, and the complete bike with the custom steel fork is under 18. I also made him a custom steel stem whose angle matches the 5 degree slope of the top tube.

As for the paint: Bobby is a fan of French new wave cinema; “L’OBSCURITE” & “LUMIERE” (dark and light) are painted in the font that Jean Luc Godard used for his credits. The scheme was his inspiration, I just made it happen.

Ok, now Mike:







Mike’s frame is a mix of True Temper OX Platinum and Verus HT tubing; the lugs are from Richard Sachs, and the crown is a Pacenti PBP. He’s running a SON generator hub with Supernova E3 lights. As with Tom Walker’s bike I called on Benno to do the wiring; he installed disconnects under the fork crown and behind the BB, so that fork and fender removal are easy. Mike also has a Kimura battery light mounted under his chainstay just in case. The eagle-eyed may have notices that he’s running Campy 10 speed ergo shifters with an Ultegra 9 speed drivetrain. I know! This is made possible by a Jtek Shiftmate. These are available in all sorts of combinations to allow all manner of mismatching of shifters and drivetrains.

Coming up next: a Rhygin gets a new rear end, a Nishiki gets a new lease on life, and it’s a Raleigh restoration marathon!

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