A 15 lb bike. And an 8 lb one. For an 18 month old.

April 2nd, 2012

Consider this my entry for most sickly sweet blog post ever: for your consideration, my new bike, and my son Oscar’s first:

And to up the ante:

So, me first. For the 250th Circle A (!) I wanted to do something special, and when Bobby came to me a few months back asking about an S3 club racer (see last post), I thought to myself, “Self,” I thought, “what’s the lightest steel bike I could reasonably come up with? Why, a belt drive fixed gear made from True Temper S3 tubing, is what.” This is that, without the belt drive, yet (watch this space). In the mean time, I moved the parts over from my fixie commuter – Circle A #1. But here are more pix. To note: monostay, for no other reason than I love how it looks; Paul dropouts with integrated tensioners (ready for the belt drive); Enve carbon fork; and a custom frame break for the belt. I was aiming for subtle in a sort of Liberace vein – silver logos, white panels on pearl white.


As for Oscar’s: granted it’s a bit early, but he’s bike-obsessed (likely due to lots of time in the trailer), and we had all this old tubing lying around… we tend to joke that it’s no big deal to screw up the miter on a tube, because there will always be a smaller bike. Well, this would be the smallest, and I raided our rejects pile for a Dedacciai Zero tapered down tube and a pair of OX Platinum seat stays. I cut the dropouts off an old project bike, and decorated the fork blades with a little actual bling, so Oz doesn’t have to wait til he loses a tooth to get some coin – and of course 2001 was when I founded the shop.


I also rebuilt the rear end on a Rhygin; and not just rebuilt, but redesigned to accommodate disc brakes, single speed or derailleur setup, and 2.5″ tires:


Here are some shots of that project:


And last but not least, I repainted Beth’s Circle A, one of the first bikes I built in Providence – circa early 2002. We’ve come a long way!


Next: it’s a vintage Raleigh repaint rally! and Russell’s rando!

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