Russell’s Rando, & Repair-O-Rama

May 23rd, 2012

Yes it’s been a while, but wow have we been busy. It’s that time of year in New England, everyone wants to get rolling, and we’re doing what we can to oblige. Soon to make it’s way to him in British Columbia, here’s Russell’s rando bike:

I’ll be building it up next week with some choice parts: Nitto racks, Paul Racer brakes, a SON generator hub with Supernova lights, Ultegra drivetrain, Honjo fenders… Russell created the knot graphic, and yes, those are Space Invaders. The colors are inspired by the palette he saw in Morocco. Stay tuned for pictures of the built-up bike.






I also did a raft of repaints, some of which turned into unanticipated repairs. Bill’s vintage Raleigh ended up having a cracked chainstay (I blame his 56 tooth big ring and tree-trunk legs!); I replaced the stay and painted it up, with lug lining by Josie. Here’s the finished product, followed by some process shots. Note that the chrome was too far gone to save, this is a good example where paint can cover it and keep the original feel of the bike’s look.



At the same time I also repainted Sarah’s Raleigh:


Ted’s Nishiki MTB came in for a dropout replacement and repaint, but while stripping the paint we found this crack in the seat collar:

I made an internal sleeve that I brazed inside, and reamed out so he can use a standard 27.2 seatpost, not the odd early 90’s size he had been stuck with. Crisis averted!


In a collaborative effort, I did some braze-on updating on Bob’s Specialized Sequoia; Jay did the paint and Josie, of course, did the custom lining! The inspiration was a locomotive designed by Raymond Loewy, who also created the Studebaker Avanti.



It was a month of smashed rear ends, one of which was Richard’s vintage Abel Borne; after straightening the frame, there was a small crack above both dropouts; I brazed a sleeve around the area and then shaped it to mimic the original profile:


I also added a disc brake mount and brace to Avi’s IF:


And last but not least, and to cement that fact that it’s been Giant Bike Month, I replaced a broken seat stay on Tony’s Paramount, straightened the other stay, and repainted:


I cut out the old stay, heated it to pull off the brake bridge and seat lug, and created a cap to match the old one.



Next up: more pics of Russell’s rando, and then Bert and Bryan are up!

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One Response to “Russell’s Rando, & Repair-O-Rama”

  1. john sorensen says:

    May 27th, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Chris beautiful work on those raleigh pros.There’s a website called classic rendezvous that’s dedicated to vintage bicycles.I’m sure either you or Brian have probably heard of it.But if not if you go to the British Isles section there’s a short film from 1946 about building a bicycle.As you woud expect,it was filmed in Nottingham at the Raleigh plant.It’s about sixteen minutes long but i think you guys would find it really interesting.Especially how the seat stays are attached.take care and Bek sends her best john sorensen

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