Rohloff Rising

August 13th, 2012

Allow me to introduce Bryan’s 14 speed Rohloff-equipped tourer. He just completed an 8 day tour of the Great Divide on his Tout Terrain Silkroad (also a Rohloff rig), and we’ve spent the last several months coming up with a custom bike that will be similarly suited for adventure touring, but more nimble and lightweight – as well as providing toe/fender clearance, which bedeviled Bryan on the TT.





Here are some frame details. It’s a TIG welded frame of True Temper and Dedacciai tubing, with clearance for 40c tires and fenders. The Rohloff-specific dropouts are from Paragon; one of the advantages of the Rohloff compared to other internal-gearing systems is that’s very easy to disconnect in order to remove the wheel to fix a flat – you simply pop off the black box that holds the shifting mechanism, and you can drop the wheel out (with the sliding dropouts, you don’t even have to worry about re-adjusting the chain tension).

Bryan is running a Schmidt SON 28 Dynohub, with Busch & Müller lights. Because the twin Rohloff gear cables were running to the back of the bike anyway, I ran the wire to the rear light bundled with them; but it does run inside the fork and the rear rack. There are disconnects so that Bryan can remove the racks, fenders or fork easily for service or shipping.




I also did a disc tab installation on Mike’s IF, and am finishing a superlight cross bike for Cindy, just in time for the D2R2! Here are some pics, but more on that next week! Then, Dan’s mountain bike, Bert’s Rando, and Charlie’s cross bike!


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