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August 27th, 2012

Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Cindy is one of the luminaries on the Bikes Not Bombs-Circle A Cycles ‘cross team, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 and for this season she wanted something with a better fit and lighter weight. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Something to win on. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 She’s not tall, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 and was eager to engineer in some toe/tire clearance. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 This is what we came out with.

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Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 The frame consists of a True Temper S3 front triangle, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 with Dedacciai rear triangle featuring Zero chainstays and Zerouno s-bend seat stays, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 and weighs in just a tick over 3 lbs. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 The fork is by Enve. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 I’ll be building a steel rando fork for her as well, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 so I’ve included rack and fender mounts. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Putting the “light” in light touring.

Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00


Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 The S3 tubeset is a bit tricky to work with; only the seat tube is round, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 and the extremely thin walls (.5 mm at the butts!) make it easy for it to tear in the mill, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 so every miter is done by hand. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 And they have to be tight if I’m not going to burn through while welding. Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Also the small size of the frame demanded a funky compound miter at the head.

Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00

Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00


Fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Next: Dan’s single speed MTB, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Charlie’s ‘cross machine, fulvicin 250mg pills $119.00 Bert’s rando rolls!

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