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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

OK, so the off-road fest continues, with Dan’s old-school mtb and Charlie’s S3 cross bike:


I’ll start with Charlie, keeping it chronological. It’s the brother bike (or sister ship) to Cindy’s from last time, a superlight cross racer made from a mix of True Temper S3 and Deda Zero and Zerouno tubing. Again, the S3 is challenging to work with, but the results are pretty spectacular.


It was also another couple weeks of welding, which regular readers will know is a bit rare around here. Here are some shots of Dan’s mountain bike in process. To note: 26″ wheels. Rigid fork. Canti brakes. Single speed. WHAT? No full suspension, hydraulic brakes, 29er 30 speed? Not here. Light, simple, fun.


And the finished product. Dan wanted to be surprised by the paint; he did specify earth tones and general subtlety, but we had to push a bit, right? So here you go, just in time for foliage season.


Dan picked up his bike while working – it’s always fun to see a bike ride away, I just wish he had a brake on that fixie…


Next: finally, Bert! Patricia! Also some repairs and other stuff!

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background: mike looks at his new circle a single speed, excited to ride. (reveal)

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