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It’s HOT, so let’s paint!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

There’s no winning around here when it tops 90 for days in a row. The choice is Tyvec suit or torch. Choose your poison. While I finished the details on Mark and Ron’s frames, I painted a couple of Italian beauties for our friend Dave – a Colnago and a rare Masi.



Both were interesting restorations with various degrees of chrome degradation. If it’s really bad, we blast it off and paint over, like the Colnago’s chain stay. If it’s good, we hand-strip the paint around it, polish it, and make it pretty.

DSCN7170 IMG_8151DSCN7169 DSCN7171 IMG_8150 IMG_8152 DSCN7176 IMG_8154 IMG_8156 IMG_8153 IMG_8146 IMG_8148

Here are some details of Ron’s club racer. I’m painting next week, watch this space for the full build – and finally, Mark’s belt drive, 5 speed Sturmey/Archer super commuter!

IMG_8170 IMG_8169 IMG_8167 IMG_8166 DSCN7164

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background: the burkes with their circle a road bikes. (reveal)

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