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Goodbyes and Hellos

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Usually this space is devoted to whatever projects are rolling out the door,
but this spring brings some exciting changes to Circle A.

It’s with a bittersweet mix of pride and sadness that Brian rides away
from the Circle A nest and hangs up his own shingle under the banner of
Chapman Cycles. He started as a friend, became a customer, then an
apprentice, and leaves having served as a true partner who was
instrumental in moving Circle A Cycles both physically (to our current
location) and professionally, as we pushed each other in new directions
and to new levels of quality.

I look forward to seeing Brian on rides and over beers, and to casting an
approving eye over his work. Best of luck, Brian.

Meanwhile, Jay and Josie are in the process of setting up their studio next
door, and we’re excited to welcome them to the compound. Look for a spike
in outrageous lug- and box-lining and handpainted details!

As Circle A enters it’s 13th year I’m psyched to be surrounded by so many great and talented friends and comrades. Keep loving keep riding!

Circle A Cycles   |   523 Charles Street   |   Providence, RI   |   401.831.5221
background: mike looks at his new circle a single speed, excited to ride. (reveal)

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