Step-Through Belt Drive Internal!

June 24th, 2014

It’s a mouthful, but for another commuter/all-rounder, it just makes sense! Again we’re using the value-laden Sturmey-Archer 5 speed hub, this time laced to a 26″ wheel to keep the scale of this smallish bike appropriate. But the focus for Manya is on practicality, yes (note the fenders and kickstand) but also on style and elegance, so we did our first curved top tube step-through. All it needs is a baguette and a beret.


P1000362 P1000358

P1000349 P1000339 P1000330

P1000355 P1000354 P1000338

P1000337 P1000335 P1000334

P1000328 P1000330 P1000333

P1000326 P1000325 P1000365

As we didn’t have the requisite, or at least recommended, three-roller bender for the top tube, we sought help from Mike Flanigan at ANT:

IMG_9217 IMG_9220 IMG_9263

Other concerns included fashioning a gusset to reinforce the seat tube, that would match the lugged BB shell and the collar point:

IMG_9306 IMG_9307 IMG_9313

IMG_9314 IMG_9316 IMG_9317

IMG_9320 IMG_9325 IMG_9329

I also modified Bobby’s Ted Wojcik, as he wanted to run 650B x 2.4 wheels & tires in a frame intended for 26″. Previously I had installed the Black Cat Rocker dropouts; in this case I was able to retain the seat stays, replacing the chainstays and bridges to make more room. And I made a new fork that matches the build height of his old segmented 26″ fork but gives him some more room. Just the right amount, as he has promised to never try to use larger tires.


IMG_9335 IMG_9336 IMG_9337

IMG_9340 IMG_9341 IMG_9344

IMG_9345 IMG_9342 IMG_9338

And an unusual repair, I replaced the head tube on a vintage Raleigh. See if you can spot the crack:

IMG_9286 IMG_9288 IMG_9289

So this sort of repair involves cutting away as much of the existing headtube as you can, and then grinding out what’s left from inside the lugs. It does not. Go. Quickly. Note the sockets for the fork-crown steering lock.

IMG_9293 IMG_9290 IMG_9292

Then a new head tube slides in, gets brazed, cleaned up, and painted.

IMG_9291 IMG_9297 IMG_9299

Last but not least, I repainted a magnificent Nagasawa road/track bike for Marc:


Next: Henry’s MTB! Tom’s belt drive all-rounder! Irina’s do-it-all tourer! It must be summer!

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