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Baby On Viagra

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Baby on viagra It’s been a crazy summer at many levels, baby on viagra but that doesn’t mean we’re not making bikes, baby on viagra not to mention people! First off is this sleek cyclocross bike for Matt:

Baby on viagra

Baby on viagra


Baby on viagra We also did a top-tube replacement and repaint on a Hollands; once again Josie did the fantastic lug lining:

Baby on viagra

Baby on viagra   

Baby on viagra And a raft of other paint work: Basso, baby on viagra Zancanato, baby on viagra Icarus:

Baby on viagra


Baby on viagra And I fabricated some arm rests for Bob’s tandem recumbent trike:

Baby on viagra


Baby on viagra But most importantly, baby on viagra my latest collaboration with Sara – please meet Oscar Henry! If you think I’m not already planning his first bike you are so wrong. Baby on viagra

Baby on viagra

Baby on viagra I’ll be on paternity leave for a couple of weeks, baby on viagra but then I’ll be back in action, baby on viagra starting with Holly’s touring bike! Watch the skies!

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Viagra Expiration Date

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Viagra expiration date But first, viagra expiration date a Dawson update; last you read, viagra expiration date he was on his own (well, viagra expiration date he and his Circle A), viagra expiration date westward bound – and the exciting news is, viagra expiration date he made it to Portland! Oregon, viagra expiration date that is! I hope to get him to write down some of his experiences, viagra expiration date watch this space!

Viagra expiration date Meanwhile, viagra expiration date I built a cyclocross bike for our friend Charlie at Bikes Not Bombs; here it is:

Viagra expiration date It features a mix of Dedacciai Zero, viagra expiration date True Temper OX Platinum, viagra expiration date and Columbus Zona tubing; Richard Sachs lugs; and a full complement of rack & fender mounts:

Viagra expiration date


Viagra expiration date The red has a nice subtle metallic that you can really see in this last one:

Viagra expiration date


Viagra expiration date


Viagra expiration date I also built a fork for Joe; he wanted a nice tight-radius bend, viagra expiration date and mounts for Paul Racer M brakes, viagra expiration date as well as a Nitto rack. Viagra expiration date He sent me the rack so that I could get the mounts positioned perfectly; also I had to machine down standard canti posts for the Pauls. Viagra expiration date The last shot is right after clearing, viagra expiration date with tape still on the posts & steerer:

Viagra expiration date


Viagra expiration date Next: Matt’s cross bike! More forks!

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Buy Generic Viagra

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Buy generic viagra Before I go any further, buy generic viagra please turn immediately to Matthew and Dawson’s blog. Buy generic viagra There’s a spoiler at the top, buy generic viagra so if you can, buy generic viagra go straight to the bottom of the blog, buy generic viagra i.e. Buy generic viagra start from the beginning. Buy generic viagra I built Dawson a bike and he promptly took off on a cross-country trip, buy generic viagra which is currently in progress! Here’s Dawson… well, buy generic viagra not exactly riding his Circle A:

Buy generic viagra This is why we use Frame Saver in our frames, buy generic viagra and why there’s a hole drilled in the bottom bracket! So I built Dawson a welded frame; regular readers will know that this is a bit of a rarity, buy generic viagra folks just love those lugs… but I think you’ll agree that this is a welded frame with some nice retro flourishes:

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Buy generic viagra And here it is with some paint:

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Buy generic viagra


Buy generic viagra And here’s the complete bike, buy generic viagra built up with a Campy triple drivetrain:

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Buy generic viagra


Buy generic viagra


Buy generic viagra Best of luck on your travels, buy generic viagra Dawson! Next: Rachel! Matt! & Charlie! also, buy generic viagra Paint!

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Viagra Prices

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Viagra prices There’s been a lot of painting going on as I prepare for Benno’s Randonneur; first off was this Falcon restoration for our friend John. Viagra prices Looks better than new:

Viagra prices

dscn49301 dscn4931 dscn4932 dscn4933

Viagra prices I also repainted Scott’s IF, viagra prices adding a brace for the disc brake mount, viagra prices and an ISCG mount:

Viagra prices

dscn4918 dscn4919

Viagra prices And tons of paint for Hollands and Gaulzetti – more soon, viagra prices including new fork blade bender! Also, viagra prices at long last I added photos of the finished trailer class trailers – check those out here.

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Viagra Through Canada

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Viagra through canada It’s been a while, viagra through canada so much has been happening that I haven’t had a hot second to stop and write about it, viagra through canada but here goes! First off is KC’s coupled single-speed that shipped to Singapore last week! Take that, viagra through canada trade deficit!


Viagra through canada You’ll also note the Paul’s dropouts with built-in chain tensioners, viagra through canada and the stainless steel down tube protector.

Viagra through canada

dscn4754 dscn4752 dscn4750

Viagra through canada

dscn47491 dscn4753 dscn4758

Viagra through canada I also added couplers to Terry’s Centurion, viagra through canada and painted a raft of forks for Team Geekhouse:

Viagra through canada

dscn4697 dscn4699 dscn4705

Viagra through canada We were also pleased to have a birthday ride with ANT’s Mike Flanigan, viagra through canada and saddened to say goodbye to Nathan, viagra through canada who’s off to work in an ICU in upstate NY; and psyched for a visit from Katharine, viagra through canada who had her Circle A retrofitted with a rear brake and basket:

Viagra through canada

dscn4739 dscn47221 dscn4719

Viagra through canada And that’s not the half of it, viagra through canada but it’ll have to do for now…

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Order Viagra On Line

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Order viagra on line So two bikes went out last week after waiting on some parts: Mo’s road bike, order viagra on line built with Columbus Spirit For Lugs tubing, order viagra on line with Richard Sachs lugs, order viagra on line fork crown and BB shell; and Jascha’s single speed disc-brake commuter, order viagra on line complete with stainless steel fenders and sliding dropouts. Order viagra on line Let’s look at Mo’s first.

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dscn4641 dscn4642 dscn4643

Order viagra on line

dscn4644 dscn4645 dscn4646

Order viagra on line

dscn4647 dscn4648 dscn4650

Order viagra on line

dscn4651 dscn4652 dscn4653 dscn4654

Order viagra on line Here are some shots of Mo’s in progress, order viagra on line including the internal cable routing. Order viagra on line We use a brass tube to run the housing through, order viagra on line which insures that no water will make it into the top tube.

Order viagra on line

dscn4594 dscn4599 dscn4624 dscn4625

Order viagra on line And here’s Jascha’s burgundy and gunmetal commuter; he’ll be completing the assembly himself, order viagra on line and promises to send photos of the complete bike; I wanted to make sure the fenders fit properly around the tires. Order viagra on line He’s using 28c tires right now, order viagra on line but the frame was built to handle up to a 35c.

Order viagra on line

dscn4666 dscn4663 dscn4664 dscn4665

Order viagra on line

dscn4667 dscn4668 dscn4670 dscn4671

Order viagra on line I also did a dropout replacement for a Rivendell that Harris Cyclery sent down to us. Order viagra on line The customer didn’t want a full repaint, order viagra on line so I just painted cream up the stays to cover the affected area:

Order viagra on line

dscn4655 dscn4661 dscn4673 dscn4675

Order viagra on line Coming up: S&S couplers on a Centurion! More paint! Another 29er!

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Buy Cialis Professional

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Buy cialis professional First off, buy cialis professional if you’re in the New York area this weekend, buy cialis professional June 26-28, buy cialis professional come visit us in Long Island City at Socrates Sculpture Park. Buy cialis professional It’s their Makers Market, buy cialis professional and lots of folks will be there with stuff that they’ve, buy cialis professional you know, buy cialis professional made. Buy cialis professional Friday night is the big kick-off and should be lots of fun; in addition to showing some hot new bikes we’ve been working on, buy cialis professional we’ll be selling schwag like t-shirts, buy cialis professional pint glasses, buy cialis professional and posters! Click on the flyer to make it bigger:

Buy cialis professional mm

Buy cialis professional You can find more details here.

Buy cialis professional Meanwhile, buy cialis professional Jen’s 26″ world-tourer is ready for paint. Buy cialis professional Here are some pix of the construction:

Buy cialis professional

dscn44161 dscn4418 dscn4421

Buy cialis professional

dscn4422 dscn4428 dscn4431 dscn4432

Buy cialis professional One of the goals with Jen’s bike is to make it as retro-compatible as possible. Buy cialis professional If she’s in the middle of nowhere, buy cialis professional she needs to be able to use whatever parts are on hand. Buy cialis professional So there are down-tube shifter bosses and semi-horizontal Henry James dropouts that will allow her to turn it into a single speed if her derailleur blows up. Buy cialis professional That’s also why we chose 26″ wheels – it’s the most common size on the planet. Buy cialis professional Although she’ll generally be running slicks, buy cialis professional I wanted to make sure she could fit full-on mountain bike tires in case that’s all that’s available:

Buy cialis professional

dscn4436 dscn4437 dscn4438

Buy cialis professional Here are some more frame details; I’m putting through-holes in the fork for a Tubus low-rider rack:

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dscn4439 dscn4442 dscn4444

Buy cialis professional I also did a rear-end treatment on Jonathan’s Marinoni. Buy cialis professional New dropouts and a wishbone monostay. Buy cialis professional I’m trying a new technique to avoid the “cookie cutter” problem of the monostay punching a hole in the back of the seat tube: I weld a cap on the end of the monostay, buy cialis professional grind it smooth, buy cialis professional and then silver braze the capped end to the seat tube:

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dscn4446 dscn4447 dscn4449 dscn4450

Buy cialis professional

dscn4451 dscn4452 dscn4454 dscn4455

Buy cialis professional Next: Jascha’s tubes and lugs have arrived for the first disc-brake single speed Circle A! Construction starts this week!

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 viagra So certainly the most dramatic event of our open house was Reba taking delivery of what she calls “the coolest f**king bike I’ve ever seen.” And are you going to argue? No, viagra I didn’t think so. viagra

dscn4395 viagra Stealthy and sleek, viagra it’s got metallic black lettering on black, viagra save for the silver wheat on the seat tube, viagra a loving nod to Reba’s home state of Oklahoma. viagra If you can’t make out the script on the top tube: “To the place I belong…” Note the leather Brooks bar tape – the Brooks saddle is on it’s way. viagra

dscn4389 dscn4390 dscn4391 viagra

dscn4392 dscn4394 dscn4400 viagra I also sent out AJ’s tourer, viagra here are some shots of that, viagra and of the built up bike in it’s natural habitat: viagra

dscn4310 dscn4311 dscn4314 viagra

dscn4315 dscn4316 dscn4318 viagra

dscn4319 dscn4320 dscn4322 viagra

dscn4381 dscn4382 viagra Also, viagra Eric finally rode away on his belt drive commuter: viagra

dscn4371 dscn4365 dscn4367 dscn4368 viagra I painted an Icarus for Ian: viagra

dscn4352 viagra And finally, viagra I started a 26″ touring bike for Jen. viagra It’ll primarily be welded, viagra but with old-school capped seat stays: viagra

dscn4416 dscn4408 dscn4412 viagra

dscn4413 dscn4414 dscn4415 viagra Next: Finishing Jen’s, viagra and Jascha’s disc-brake single speed!

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Purchase Viagra

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Purchase viagra We’re all over it. Purchase viagra Find it at a newsstand near you or go directly to the COG website.

Purchase viagra What’s most notable, purchase viagra apart from Brian’s gravity-defying hijinks, purchase viagra or my long-windedness, purchase viagra is that the gorgeous featured bike was not, purchase viagra in fact, purchase viagra built by Brian or myself. Purchase viagra That particular knockout was designed, purchase viagra built and painted by Emily Klass, purchase viagra our erstwhile co-worker. Purchase viagra Emily was my first long term apprentice, purchase viagra and worked at Circle A for about 4 years, purchase viagra after which she moved to New York to pursue arts of the finer variety. Purchase viagra You can see what she’s up to here.

Purchase viagra Photographer extrordinaire Brian Vernor stopped by the old shop in Carpenter Mills and tooks these hot pix of the whole family:

Purchase viagra cfamily1

Purchase viagra And here’s some more, purchase viagra including a shot of one of Emily’s other bikes:

Purchase viagra brian avian
circa1 circa2

Purchase viagra For my personal favorite of Emily’s work, purchase viagra check this out. She took our paint to another level, purchase viagra bringing a nice dose of the Providence screenprinting sensibility.

Purchase viagra We see Emily pretty regularly, purchase viagra though never often enough. Purchase viagra You should email her and tell her to come back to Providence and make more bikes.

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Generic Cialis In India

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Generic cialis in india Yesterday we had a nice snow storm in Providence, generic cialis in india about 8 inches starting promptly at 9:30 the morning of New Year’s eve. Generic cialis in india It’s the second real storm we’ve had, generic cialis in india and it’s putting our snow bikes to the test. Generic cialis in india We’re used to riding thru the traffic gridlock when it snows, generic cialis in india but what’s really satisfying is passing cars, generic cialis in india plows and sanding trucks that are under way. Generic cialis in india It’s true folks, generic cialis in india bikes are just better! Yesterday the conditions for snow riding were perfect, generic cialis in india light fluffy snow that ‘cross tires can cut right thru, generic cialis in india and not much ice. Generic cialis in india Here’s some shots of the snow outside the shop. Generic cialis in india I’ve got snow in my air horn.

Generic cialis in india

dscn4003 dscn4001 dscn4000

Generic cialis in india The holidays means schwag, generic cialis in india so I whipped up some bottle openers for friends and family:

Generic cialis in india


Generic cialis in india Our great friend and customer Brian brought in an old Fat City frame for rehabilitation. Generic cialis in india We’re waiting on decals for it; here it is on the alignment table:

Generic cialis in india


Generic cialis in india I also built up Nick’s track bike. Generic cialis in india It’s super hot! Here are some shots of the finished product. Generic cialis in india I built up a custom wheel set using Surly hubs and white Velocity rims, generic cialis in india and I painted his stem white to match; Nick found the white bars and seatpost. Generic cialis in india Can you say bling?

Generic cialis in india

dscn3974 dscn3967 dscn3968

Generic cialis in india

dscn3980 dscn3966 dscn3981

Generic cialis in india

dscn3972 dscn3971 dscn3975

Generic cialis in india

dscn3964 dscn3965 dscn3973

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