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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I painted Nick’s monostay’d, Richard Sachs lugged, Paul dropout-ed, superhot fixie yesterday. This is another one of those bikes where I wasn’t sure how I’d feel with the colors but the customer was totally right and the shit is HOT. I mean khaki and white – it’s like the worlds most delicious cappucino.



Here’s the process for masking the head lugs. First I apply Spray Mask with a brush; after that dries you can trace the line of the lug with an x-acto, peel the mask off the tubes (it’s sort of like rubber cement), and then mask the rest of the bodies of the lugs with tape. Then we paint.

And here are some more pictures of Nick’s in process.

I also made a replacement fork for Jack’s Whitcomb, which we repainted a couple years ago. He tracked down a great new old stock twin-plate crown, and I used the original dropouts off the old fork.

And last but far from least, Stevil Kinevil of Swobo has been tearing it up on his Circle A cross bike. He seems like a nice guy, right, who looks something like this:

But that’s when he’s in costume. Here’s the real guy:


Monday, October 27th, 2008

Last week I finished a road bike for Adrienne, a birthday gift from her clearly awesome dad Doug. She opted for Richard Sachs lugs, Columbus S-bend seat stays, and left it to me to decide on the paint. That can be intimidating but she gave me an idea of what she was looking for, and I’m psyched with how it came out. I’m really digging the subtle contrast between not-totally-dissimilar colors.

dscn3828.jpg dscn3829.jpg dscn3830.jpg

dscn3825.jpg dscn3826.jpg dscn3827.jpg

And here it is with paint. She’s deciding on components, so watch this space for it built up soon.

dscn3852.jpg dscn3854.jpg dscn3861.jpg 

dscn3867.jpg dscn3862.jpg dscn3857.jpg

dscn3858.jpg dscn3859.jpg dscn3860.jpg

dscn3856.jpg dscn3855.jpg dscn3850.jpg

I also did a repaint on an old 531 Trek for Chris. He had me update some of the cable routing and open up the dropouts for a wider, modern hub. Here’s how it looked when he brought it in:

dscn3843.jpg dscn3842.jpg dscn3844.jpg

And here’s the magical transformation…

dscn3841.jpg dscn3870.jpg

dscn3872.jpg dscn3873.jpg dscn3875.jpg

dscn3874.jpg dscn3876.jpg dscn3877.jpg

Next: Nathan’s touring bike!


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

So here’s Katie’s 8 speed commuter in cream, pink and gold:


dscn3795.jpg dscn3798.jpg dscn3799.jpg

Because we’re just running one front chainring, note the chain guard and “3rd eye” that keep the chain from falling off in the absence of a front derailleur.

dscn3808.jpg dscn3812.jpg dscn3810.jpg 
dscn3800.jpg dscn3811.jpg dscn3796.jpg 

I also did a repaint on Keith’s Basso Lotto. It was in pretty rough shape when it came in, with a lot of rust and internal cable routing that was on it’s way out. I ground off the old covers to the internal routing and replaced them; Keith located some original decals, so soon we got it back in shape. The fork is a RDV and was painted to match, keeping the original chrome and yellow fill ins.

dscn3802.jpg dscn3794.jpg dscn3803.jpg
dscn3804.jpg dscn3806.jpg dscn3815.jpg
dscn3805.jpg dscn3813.jpg dscn3814.jpg
dscn3817.jpg dscn3820.jpg dscn3819.jpg


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Ok. It’s been a busy couple weeks. First, Matt’s rehabbed Schwinn Twinn tandem went out the door. It’s gorgeous and he’s been brightening the landscape on it all over town. Note the roller brake, custom cable routing, and internal 8 speed hub:


dscn3755.jpg dscn3759.jpg dscn3763.jpg 
dscn3764.jpg dscn3758.jpg dscn3754.jpg 

I also shipped off Sam’s coupled touring bike. Here are some shots of the complete bike, and how it looks packed up in it’s travel box. And it’ll fit in there with all the components too!

dscn3778.jpg dscn3776.jpg dscn3777.jpg 
dscn3780.jpg dscn3781.jpg dscn3775.jpg 

I also built local yokel Katie a TIG welded commuter bike; she’s going to run it as an 8 speed, with just a rear derailleur. More pix of that to come. I’ve been painting it, but here are some shots of the construction:

dscn3786.jpg dscn3785.jpg dscn3784.jpg 
dscn3787.jpg img_4066.jpg dscn3788.jpg 

Scott came by with the complete Russ Denny that I painted for him a while back. Here are some shots of that:

img_4097.jpg img_4098.jpg 

And finally, Kipchoge of the Ginger Ninjas came while they were touring the east coast with their pedal-powered and -transported good time roadshow, and with Tom and Mike from Recycle A Bike, I helped him straighten a bent dropout on one of their eight (!) Xtracycle equipped bikes! Catch them if you can-can!



Saturday, August 9th, 2008

So the last week featured two exciting pick-ups. Casey had been working in Appalachia, fighting mountaintop mining, and was en-route to the Cape when she rumbled up in her grease-powered Mercedes. Accompanying her was old friend and comrade Francesco, who rides this bad boy. Here they are with their various non-petroleum powered vehicles:

And here’s a shot of Casey’s bike – she brought her beloved Brooks saddle to put on, and now she’s ready to rock:

And yesterday Paul picked up his mountain bike, Cuchulainn – he’ll be joining Mark and Liane on the trails of western CT soon!

Here’s what he’s in for, courtesy of Liane:


Also check out our new projects blog, soon to be linked to the home page. And here’s a bike rack I built for my local pub, the Scurvy Dog:



Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

And clearly I mean sick in the best possible way. This is Paul’s mountain bike. Components are on their way. Marvel, if you will, at its majesty.

dscn3576.jpg dscn3577.jpg dscn3580.jpg

dscn3579.jpg dscn3584.jpg dscn3586.jpg

dscn3581.jpg dscn3582.jpg dscn3585.jpg

I’ll post pictures of the built-up bike next week. Meanwhile perhaps you’ve suspected that the inside of an air compressor looks a lot like a vertical twin motorcycle engine. You’re not wrong. I put new rings on ours this weekend. Here’s what it looks like with the head off:



Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I know what you’re thinking. It’s 90 degrees out – what better time to play with fire, or put on a full-face respirator? No air conditioned offices for us! Summer pretty much means all sweat, all the time, with time-outs to stick our heads in buckets of iced coffee. But despite it all, and the sputtering air tools that the humidity brings, we’re getting some bikes out. I’m ironing out paint details with Paul for his mountain bike, and in the meantime did this repaint of our friend Scott’s Russ Denny track bike. In blasting the fork I found some nasty rust holes, so Scott had me build a new fork to match:

dscn3554.jpg dscn3566.jpg dscn3565.jpg

Sort of looks like it’s made of porcelain, huh?


The paint is white and a custom blue to match his rims, all with a pearl overcoat that really sparkles in the sun. Scott designed the logos himself, and sent us ready-to-cut artwork, which is almost as good as cupcakes.

dscn3558.jpg dscn3563.jpg dscn3557.jpg

I also started a touring bike for Casey from Austin, TX. She’s going to use 26″ wheels, and I used the Mini 6 lugs that allow for a 6 degree sloping top tube. The seat stays are capped for plenty of tire and fender clearance:

dscn3569.jpg dscn3570.jpg dscn3571.jpg

dscn3572.jpg dscn3573.jpg dscn3574.jpg

Next: paint for Paul and Casey, some tandem repaint action, bees, and grease!


Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Ok so this is a big bike. 60cm top tube, 108cm wheelbase. But Paul’s a big guy so that all makes sense. The main frame is tig welded, with brass used for the Paragon disc brake dropouts & the tops of the seat stays. The tubing is a mix of Dedacciai Zerouno and Zerotre. Here’s some pictures of it getting jigged up & welded:

dscn3536.jpg dscn3537.jpg dscn3538.jpg

dscn3539.jpg dscn3540.jpg dscn3541.jpg

dscn3542.jpg dscn3543.jpg dscn3546.jpg

dscn3548.jpg dscn3550.jpg dscn3549.jpg

Team Circle A also did the MS150 ride last weekend; thanks to you, we raised about $2700 for the team and the entire ride made nearly $500,000! So thanks from Shawn, Shauna, Brian, Hilary, Tom, Garrett, Amy, and me! Here’s the only picture Garrett has sent me, Brian and I representing:

Next: more paint jobs, Paul’s complete bike, and stuff like that!


Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

So first off, this weekend is the MS150 ride; it’s not too late to contribute if you can, the team page is here.

So Than picked up his straightened and spruced Bottecchia; in addition to some fresh paint, we replaced the bent cranks and smashed pedals, and gave it a tuneup. Here are some pictures of that, and of Than as he prepared to ride away:

dscn3533.jpg dscn3534.jpg dscn3532.jpg


I also painted a couple of frames for our friend John at Echelon Cycle Works in Vermont, formerly of Pawtucket. Here’s one now:

And I started cutting tubes for Paul’s mountain bike. More on that, and stories of the MS ride, soon.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

So a big thank you to all our friends & customers (most end up as both) who came out sunday and helped us raise money for the MS 150 ride! We raised several hundred dollars for our team. It’s not too late to contribute if you can; the team page is here.

Here are some pictures from the festivities, and Brian has a whole slideshow here.

dscn3519.jpg dscn3513.jpg dscn3512.jpg

Lots of paint jobs are in the works, which you’ll hear about later, but the most interesting thing I did this week was breathe some new life into a battered Bottecchia. Than was hit, hard, while riding; he’s recovered well, not so much the bike:

dscn3499.jpg dscn3502.jpg dscn3505.jpg

It looked bad enough coming in, with a taco’ed from wheel and a left side crank that was bent all the way over the chainstay, but it wasn’t until we got it on the alignment table that we could see how bad things were:


As you can see the seat tube is bent wildly up – about 2 inches out of plane with the BB; and in turn the head tube, tt and dt were pulled left as well. After some wrestling we got it looking a bit healthier:


Now we’ve added some rack mounts, and Than is getting a full repaint. We hope to have him back on the road next week.

Coming up: Paul’s mountain bike and Casey’s touring rig.

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