Trailer Building Class

May 4th, 2009

Chris writes:

For the last few weeks, I’ve been teaching a bicycle trailer building class at the Steel Yard, in conjunction with Recycle-A-Bike.. This reunites me with Adam, who helped me do a couple of Monster Bike classes with high school students. The photos have de-linked (it’s on the to do list!) but you can read about that here.

Meanwhile, for the trailer class we have five projects, each a specific trailer for the builders’s particular needs. Warren is making a tool carrying trailer with integrated bike stand for Recycle-A-Bike; Hoshaiah and Lindsay are making a different style tool-tote for RISD Biketown; and Phil, David and Jonathan are each making trailers to help them spend less time in cars and more on bikes. Meanwhile Adam and I are putting together a chair car to help us test the pros and cons of different methods of attaching the trailers to our bikes.

We’re about to begin week 5, and the trailers are taking shape. Here are some shots of the plans folks are working off, from high-tech to low. Thanks to Jackson for all the photos!

trailer-09 dsc_8377 dsc_8397

dsc_8326 dsc_8356 dsc_8342

And here are various action shots of the players at work:

trailer-21 trailer-46 trailer-22

trailer-32 trailer-33 trailer-38

trailer-50 trailer-54 trailer-11

trailer-18 dsc_8378 dsc_8305

dsc_8313 dsc_8328 dsc_8303

And here are the finished trailers in action:

TrailerJune - 21 TrailerJune - 22 TrailerJune - 23  TrailerJune - 30 TrailerJune - 34 TrailerJune - 40

David K wins the prize for his Dave Sharp-rated trailer!

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